Filter Isolator - Revit Plugin

Filter Isolator Icon

View filters’ elements is now easy as clicking a button

With the Filter Isolator Revit plugin you can easily Isolate or Hide all elements in one or multiple filters with just few clicks

First of all click the Isolator Button from the LezTools ribbon tab

In the Isolator form, you will see a list of both rule and selection filters and you can:

  • Isolate All – Check all checkboxes in the Isolate column
  • Isolate None – Uncheck all checkboxes in the Isolate column
  • Hide All – Check all checkboxes in the Hide column
  • Hide None – Uncheck all checkboxes in the Hide column
  • Reset Temporary View – close the temporary view and show again all elements in the active view
  • Cancel – close the Isolator form
  • Apply – Isolate or Hide all elements of selected filters in the active view