The Ultimate wishlist app

Keep all your wishes organized in one single place, and instantly share them with all your friends

Presents offers you an easy to use wishlist that is
synced to all your devices...
And you only need an email and a password!

For each wish you add, you have to provide a Title and a Price, and then you can choose a Priority Level so that the more you want something, the higher it will be in your wishlist

But Presents is more than just a wishlist app: it’s your wishlist and the wishlists of your friends joined in one single app!

Go in the Search tab, type your friend username in the search bar and press enter: you will see a list of corresponding users and probably your friend will be between them.

Tapping on his arrow you can see his wishlist and, if you want to have it at your fingertips, you can add him to your favourites using the star on the top-left

For each user, you’ll be able to see both the Profile and the Wishlist.

In the former, you’ll find some useful info about the user (including the birth date: isn’t it amazing?), while in the latter you will see all his desires and which one have been already “reserved” by others like you who want to make him happy.

Did you found the perfect gift?
Then just tap the tick icon to be sure no one else will stole your idea (don’t worry, the owner of the wishlist won’t be able to see which wishes has been reserved)

Finally, you can make your friends a surprise
without the risk of gifting something they didn’t want!
So what are you waiting for?
Download the app, share it with your friends
and say goodbye to the Birthday-Gift-Panic!