add a unique custom mark to every instance in your revit project

With the Remark Revit plugin you can easily add a unique custom mark to selected categories' instances

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First of all, click on the Rename Marks button from the LezTools ribbon tab

In the Rename Marks form, you will see a list of all categories of the project and you can:

  • Check all Categories - check all categories' checkboxes
  • Uncheck all Categories - uncheck all categories' checkboxes
  • Include Level Number - choose to include the level number in the new mark by typing the number of the lower level of the project
  • Cancel - close the Rename Marks form
  • Apply - rename the marks of the selected categories' instances with the specified criteria

For example, the new marks can be:

You can also click on the Delete All Marks button in the LezTools ribbon tab to delete the mark of every instance in the project